Why Umbrellas Are The Best Gifting Option For Promotional Activities

Umbrellas have been around for 3000 years and are a common sight, offering protection from the rain, snow and sunshine. It is only in recent years they have been adopted as the vehicle for promotional activity taken up by companies. Umbrellas offer protection and have been used symbolically in advertisements to convey this idea, be it health insurance or an all weather coat of paint protecting your home.

Umbrellas if manufactured properly, can last for many years while being used on a daily basis. It is this feature of umbrellas that marketing people appreciate and exploit. There are many umbrella manufacturers too who have picked up this and made promotional umbrellas a prominent part of their product offering.

With the advent of the world wide web, it is no longer difficult to arrange, any promotional material at short notice. One can make enquiries and order the promotional material from the comfort of one’s chair, without having to visit the supplier ever. Detailed sample proofs are exchanged and feedback given for improvements so that the final product is ready when it is required. Umbrella manufacturers for one display their factory manufacturing processes with online videos for the customer to make an informed decision, Communication through email, mobile phone or even social media is possible.

The high visibility of umbrellas makes it a better choice as promotional material over pens and keychains. The relatively large area available for the company’s advertising on the canopy of the umbrella can work in elements of design as well as the company’s message and logo. And if it is a company whose work ethics the user appreciates, he or she will gladly flaunt it in front of family and friends, taking your company message further.

Golf umbrellas are larger umbrellas, with a bigger canopy area for advertising. Though more expensive than the regular umbrella, if you are ordering a large quantity, the price per piece will fall and it will be a good investment. Just make sure the quality of the umbrella is good. Because that too will reflect on the image of the company using it for promotional material.

Attitudes are very difficult to predict, the smallest shortcoming in the umbrella will be magnified into the opinion the customer has about the company doing a promotional activity with it. And in this day of cut throat competition and fight for visibility, one cannot afford to do that.

How can umbrellas be adopted for excellent promotional reach?

· Promotional umbrellas are good, personalized umbrellas with your target’s name (whether a loyal employee or a favored customer) discreetly engraved on a stylish grip is even better. (He or she wouldn’t want their name advertised to the world). This is not an expensive proposition and can buy your customer’s loyalty for life.

· Offering a choice of umbrellas before personalizing it could be a good idea. Whenever a choice is available, it makes the person feel special, that his or her wishes are expressly sought to be fulfilled. It could be a dignified stick umbrella or a compact two fold or three fold umbrella. Golf umbrellas could also be on offer.

· Get the umbrellas manufactured in your company colors. This will reinforce the company image at a subconscious level, enabling quick recall.

· Add the latest, interesting features like inversion, auto open for ease of use and modernity. The umbrella should not become outdated in the next season.

· Find a good supplier. Order and thoroughly check prepromotion samples. This umbrella is going to have to last long.

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